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New Orleans 3 Person Spa

Soothing massage, exceptional hydro massages performance and high-quality components are not solely the trademark of top of the range spas. New Orleans packs the performance of American's flagship models into our most compact spa yet. A generous massage lounge seat and two single seats turn New Orleans into the ideal spa for up to three people. Its two main seats are angled towards each other, making it the perfect place for a talk with your loved one or best mate.

Portland - 5 Person Spa

Portland is the result of careful engineering and a smart layout integrating two hydro massage lounge seats and three single seats into a two meter spa. This spa provides five different massage jet configurations - a different one for every seat, one if which with neck massagers. It is the ideal combination of compact size and readiness to accommodate your friends and family.

Boston - 6 Person Spa

A very artistic design spa for the ultimate home. This is a cutting edge spa with all the family and friends in mind for relaxation and fun. Built by the best experience designers of American Spas, this spa will satisfy the most fun loving family. This spa is MircoSilk® ready, the ultimate skin therapy, try it today.

Swim Spas


Introduced as the ultimate swim spa in American Spas' line-up we aimed for creating the best single-zone swim spa with focus on personal exercise and relaxation. Miami unites the best of American's spa line-up with a literally endless swimming pool. The extra-long swim zone provides additional freedom and enough underwater workout space for two people.

New York

This is American Spas' flagship, aimed as the ultimate spa experience combined with our endless swimming exercise. Two different temperatures setting to optimize the swimming workouts and a relaxing spa experience afterwards. Simply the best, engineered to perfection. A family swim spas.


With American's swim spas you do no longer need to make a decision between spa and swimming pool to install in your backyard. Phoenix ideally combines a large six seat spa and a virtually endless swimming pool into aquatic relaxation centre. This swim spa is the perfect place for your aquatic exercise, swimming session or to hang out with a group of friends.

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