Our Spas

Our Spas

Looking For SPA Supplier in Adelaide?

$48 a Week, No Deposit & No Interest Ever.

Five Star Spas is the leader in hydrotherapy spas in Australia. Our diverse range of Spas and Swim Spas cater for all situations, lifestyles and personal requirements.

From intimate 3 Seat Spas all the way up to 6 metre long dual zone Swim Spas, Five Star Spas has got you covered.

All our Spas come standard with lockable thermal hardcovers, single step and a Chlorine Free Sanitation Start Up Kit, plus most Spas with No Deposit ad No Interest Ever Repayments so you can Spa now and pay later. Customise a Spa or Swim Spa to enhance your lifestyle and Outdoor Area with Five Star Spas.

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5 Person Spas

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