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Outdoor Spas – Portable Hot Tubs and Swim Spas in Adelaide

Outdoor Spas – Portable Hot Tubs and Swim Spas in Adelaide

Looking For SPA Supplier in Adelaide?

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Five Star Spas is the leader in hydrotherapy spas in Australia. Our diverse range of Spas and Swim Spas cater for all situations, lifestyles and personal requirements.

From intimate 3 Seat Spas all the way up to 6 metre long dual zone Swim Spas, Five Star Spas has got you covered.

All our Spas come standard with lockable thermal hardcovers, single step and a Chlorine Free Sanitation Start Up Kit, plus most Spas with No Deposit ad No Interest Ever Repayments so you can Spa now and pay later. Customise a Spa or Swim Spa to enhance your lifestyle and Outdoor Area with Five Star Spas.

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What’s the Difference between Spa, Hot Tub or Jacuzzi?

There are so many different ways in which people refer to spas. In essence, the term ‘spa’ is the all-embracing word that refers to a jetted and heated tub of water. In some places like North America and Scandinavia, spas are referred to as hot tubs. Only that they are forged out of wood but with a liner of non-contoured plastic on the inside. On the other hand, a Jacuzzi is just but a worldwide recognised brand so much so that has since become a catchword.

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The benefits of Portable spa

Tips for buying a spa

The portable spa for sale on Five Star is not something you are going to buy every now and then. In most cases, it is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.  Therefore, a lot of shoppers get caught like a rabbit in the headlights when trying to get the right tubs. So what does one look for when buying a tub? For how much? And do you get to ask for a test soak? These are some of the questions Five Star intends to clear up on. Below are the main things you should think about when you want to purchase your perfect outdoor Jacuzzi.

Where and How Will Your Spa be installed?

It is important to decide on where you would want it installed before you even check the catalogue. It is equally important to note how difficult it might be to place it there.  Your installation cost could include thing like crane costs if the place of installation would require one, say if you would wish to install the outdoor spa on the balcony of your home.

One thing to that should not worry you when installing our easy to set tub is the weight and the effect it might have on your flooring with time. The weight of a tub should not be worrying. We can assure you that due to their weight distribution, they generally put minimal stress on your flooring after installation!

Portable, in-ground, or self-contained?

Five Star customers are allowed to choose one or more of these kinds depending on the amount of time, work or money one is willing to put into such a project. A portable spa tub is very cost effective in terms of installation costs and can also be moved if you ever want to. In terms of upkeep costs, a self-contained or an in-ground hot tub would cost much less compared to the portable spa. Our inflatable portable spas for sale have an insulated cover, a digital control panel with a few control buttons, and an uncomplicated LED display. This allows one to be able to adjust various settings such as the air jets, the temperature, and the heater timer.

A Choice of Jets

There is always a tendency to assume that hot tubs become better, the more the jets. The brutal truth is that a lot of the high end spas stick to a simple setup of 8 to 12 jets. It can get overwhelming when you install more jets than the standard number. Just make sure to install a variety of air jets to spice up your experience depending on the type of massage you would want. Some people prefer bubble massages while others prefer massages that are more aggressive. Having a variety makes everyone happy in the long run. Having adjustable jets would also be a great option to go for.

The Continuing Costs

Maintenance costs would be focused around consumption of power once a tub is installed. Depending on the hot tub choice, you might want to consider if you’d go for gas or electric heaters. We all know and it goes without saying that gas heaters are more expensive to buy but are quite easier to maintain than the electric ones.

Other than the checklist discussed above, there are other details and ideas that you might want to add on that checklist to avoid much stress. Make sure to check:

Five Star Spas is the best business partner for you whenever you are looking to buy and install a tub. We offer a wide range of tubs and jets for you to choose from. Contact us today to order and our team will be sure to deliver it to you asap!

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