Swim Spas – Specialty Spas

Swim Spas – Specialty Spas

Get Premium Quality Portable Swim Spa in Adelaide

Five Star Spas are specialists in swim spas and customising the look and feel of all our spas. If you are looking for a specific spa or a spa with specific accessories or functions, simply let us know and we’ll help you create your own specialty spa.

Miami Swim Spa Services

Miami Swim Spa

Introduced as the ultimate swim spa in American Spas’ line-up we aimed for creating the best single-zone swim spa with focus on personal exercise and relaxation.

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New York Swim Spa Services

New York Swim Spa

This is American Spas’ flagship, aimed as the ultimate spa experience combined with our endless swimming exercise.

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Phoenix Swim Spa Services

Phoenix Swim Spa

With American’s swim spas you do no longer need to make a decision between spa and swimming pool to install in your backyard.

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Orlando Swim Spa Services

Orlando Swim

If space is limited, then the Orlando Swim Spa is the perfect compliment to any backyard oasis.

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New Jersey

Our 6 person swim spa is perfect for those that want more space and the ability to invite friends over to share in the luxury!

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The fabulous Nashville, the largest in our range of swim spas, is perfect for a swimming party! With outstanding design

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The Classic is our entry Level 4 person swim spa, a mini-pool that provides you with the perfect aquatic gym.

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Santa Fe

We designed this swim spa with the aim to create the ultimate performance swim spa.

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Two different temperatures setting to optimize the swimming workouts and a relaxing spa experience afterwards.

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